ӰҵGroup Disclosure Policy

The ӰҵGroup (the “Group”) conducts its business activities in accordance with its corporate concept of giving first thought to patients and the people in the daily living domain, and to increasing the benefits that healthcare provides to them as well as meet their diversified healthcare needs worldwide. Based on this corporate concept, the Group has established the following provisions as its Disclosure Policy.

1. Basic Policy on Information Disclosure

The Group shall ensure transparency as a company by proactively disclosing information relevant to management operations in a fair, just, and timely manner, in accordance with the concept set forth in the Corporate Governance Principles.

In this way, the Group will meet the expectations of stakeholders - patients, their families, caregivers, the people in the daily living domain, healthcare professionals, payers, shareholders, and employees - and gain their understanding, thereby maintaining and improving their trust.

2. Information Subject to Disclosure

Information subject to disclosure includes material facts as defined in the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, rules and regulations established by securities exchanges, and other related laws and regulations (“Laws”). The Group also discloses, as appropriate, material information that may have a direct and significant impact on investors' investment decisions, as well as information related to multifaceted management operations that does not constitute material information. At the same time, the Group understands the expectations of its stakeholders regarding the realization of the corporate image set forth in its Articles of Incorporation and strives to disclose information to meet those expectations. The Group also strives to disclose information regarding the creation of social impact and public benefits, which are the expectations of modern society toward corporations, as they lead to the realization of social good as stipulated in Eisai's Articles of Incorporation.

3. System and Methods for Disclosure

The Group has established a system for the appropriate disclosure of information regarding management operations, including information that constitutes material fact as defined by Laws. This system has been publicly disclosed in the “Outline of Disclosure Systems” in the Corporate Governance Report.

The Group will officially disclose material facts through appropriate methods such as filings with the Tokyo Stock Exchange and other authorities, press releases, and press conferences in accordance with Laws. In addition, the Group will disclose such information through the Group's website.

The Group will also use appropriate methods to accurately and fairly disclose material information and other information related to management operations that does not fall under the category of material information as stipulated by Laws. Furthermore, the Group will keep abreast of the changing expectations of stakeholders and constantly review its disclosure systems and methods to respond to these changes.

4. Quality, Safety and Serious Compliance Information

In accordance with its corporate concept, the Group is committed to corporate management based on the highest ethical standards, as well as ensuring the stable supply of high-quality products and the appropriate communication of product safety information. However, in the unlikely event of an incident involving product quality or safety, or a serious compliance issue, the Group will promptly take the necessary measures and disclose information in a timely and appropriate manner.

5. Basic Policy on Forward-looking Information

In order to encourage stakeholders to better understand the Group's future prospects, the Group will make disclosures of information such as earnings forecasts and revisions, plans, and projections, as well as future strategies, based on certain assumptions. However, actual results may differ significantly from these forward-looking statements due to various changes in the business environment and other external factors, so we will be sure to make a statement to this effect when making forward-looking disclosures.

6. Responding to Third Party Business Forecasts and Market Rumors

The Group will not comment on any opinions, recommendations, performance forecasts, etc. made by third parties regarding the Group. However, this does not apply to cases where it has determined that there is or may be a significant factual error or that there is a significant impact on the capital markets, or where it has been requested by the listed stock exchange or other institutions to provide an explanation or take other necessary actions.

7. Quiet Period

The Group designates a certain period of time leading up to the scheduled announcement of financial results as “quiet periods” in order to prevent the leakage of information regarding financial results, including quarterly financial results, and to ensure fairness. During this period, the Group will refrain from making comments or answering questions regarding financial results. The quiet periods, however, do not prevent the Group from issuing communications if any future information or material event occurs that is judged to have a significant impact on the Group's financial results.

8. Insider Trading Prevention

The Group shall prevent insider trading by establishing basic rules to be complied with regarding the appropriate management of insider information and trading of stocks, etc., by ensuring that insider trading regulations are thoroughly known to all employees, and by appropriately operating a management system for trading of stocks and other securities.

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