Eisai's Sustainability

Eisai’s corporate concept is to give first thought to patients, their families and people in the daily living domain, and contribute to increasing the benefits that healthcare provides. Under this corporate concept, Ӱҵis striving to be ahuman health care(hhc) company capable of making a meaningful contribution under any health care system, while observing the highest legal and ethical standards in our business activities.

In order to realize our corporate concept, it is necessary to implement corporate measures based on a long-term perspective under a well-cultivated governance structure. We acknowledge that it is extremely important for our company to contribute to the sustainability of society by actively addressing global environmental and social issues. We believe that these ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) initiatives, which are also desired by the society, improve our corporate value as non-financial value.

We actively disclose information relating to non-financial value, such as ESG activities, in our Value Creation Reports (formerly “Integrated Reports”) and Environmental Reports, as well as on this website.