Collaboration with Partners

Eisai’s Collaboration Partners

Building the Dementia Ecosystem Accelerated through Collaboration with Academia, Businesses, and Local Governments

Local Governments in Japan×Eisai

Activities for realizing a dementia-inclusive society

Ӱҵhas concluded collaborative agreements with 167 local governments and groups in Japan, and we have identified the local residents’ anxieties regarding dementia and created projects aimed at finding solutions. Through our many shared experiences with local residents, we discovered their needs, such as a desire to proactively know about the health of their own brains and how to prevent dementia, and, together with local governments and medical associations, we are developing activities tailored to each region in Japan to relieve those anxieties.

Shimadzu Corporation×Eisai×Oita University×Usuki City Medical Association

Joint research to develop Japan’s first blood biomarker-based diagnostic workflow for dementia

Currently, amyloid PET and CSF are used to estimate the degree of amyloid beta (Aβ) accumulation in the brain, but there are a limited number of facilities that can perform these tests, and the high cost and physical stress caused by the invasive nature of the tests pose a challenge. The research aims to demonstrate the utility of blood biomarkers and improve the early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease within a coordinated system of medical care that encompasses primary care physicians and specialists who are members of dementia-related medical societies.

Honda×Oita University×Usuki City Medical Association×Eisai

Joint research to verify the relationship between cognitive function, daily physical changes, and driving ability, to realize a society in which elderly drivers can maintain their safety and health

In recent years, people who have returned their driver's licenses are experiencing a decline in quality of life due to the inconvenience of transportation, and it is becoming a social issue. The results of this research will contribute to maintaining and improving the safety and health of elderly drivers by creating solutions such as detecting and notifying of poor physical condition and cognitive decline related to driving, and providing safe driving advice in accordance with changes in physical condition and driving ability.

E.design Insurance×Eisai

Business alliance under the theme of “improving brain health for safe driving” aiming to promote safe driving and extend driving life in an aging society

E.design Insurance Co., Ltd (EDSP), a company which promotes “co-creation of a world without accidents” with other companies or local governments, and Ӱҵwill jointly develop a solution to support the maintenance and improvement of brain health, which is important for safe driving.
In July 2022, a service for customers of EDSP’s car insurance "&e" to use "NouKNOW" was introduced. We are developing new solutions, such as training contents that utilize data on daily driving behavior characteristics and brain function, and a service that allows customers to share reports based on "&e" driving scores and "NouKNOW' scores not only with themselves but also with their families if they notice a decline in their brain health or an increase in risky behavior.


Business alliance aimed at building an ecosystem to reduce the burden of medical and nursing care

New insurance products and services are being developed by mutually leveraging Eisai's wealth of experience and network in drug discovery and disease awareness activities in the field of dementia, which it has built up over many years, and LIFENET's know-how and technologies cultivated in insurance products and related services. Furthermore, Ӱҵand LIFENET are promoting the creation of healthcare solutions utilizing various data and customer touchpoint owned by both companies, and expanding the ecosystem that contributes to solving social issues.